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Heading for 2019 with the long-awaited Lille 3000!

From 27 April, Lille continues its cultural adventure through
this 5th great thematic event and resolutely focused look at
contemporary design.

A gateway to the future, Lille 3000 offers an exploration of the
richness and complexity of tomorrow's world by examining each
of the paths of its development. 👌

On the agenda: expositions, street sculptures, themed parties and discoveries of all kinds! 

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One of the biggest artists of the 20th century awaits you at LaM in Lille.
An extraordinary Alberto Giaometto retrospective gathers 150
of the artist's works through a never-before-seen visit to the legends
of modern art's history.

Take a fresh look at this artist, whose slender and delicate sculptures
are rarely seen in Northern Europe's museums.